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HuaSheng XiangTian Industrial Co., Ltd.
The country's largest
Leading brand of high-end two-color mold
High-end two-color mlod leading brands
1、More than 1 thousand square meters production base, first-class automated production equipment and testing equipment;
2、A number of production lines, has formed an adult output of hundreds of millions of dollars of mold injection molding assembly and other sound industrial chain production base;
3、Set R & D, design, manufacture and service in one, has 20 R & D team of experts, the annual market for dozens of new products and creative design。
Best quality raw material collection
Starting from raw materials to ensure product quality
Protection of high-quality products
1、Imported high quality plastic raw materials;
2、Strict testing of raw materials
3、Strictly control the product from size to appearance and environmental requirements of all errors;
The most sophisticated production equipment
Zero defect product
To ensure zero defect products
1、4 Japanese law that CNC, 4 Taiwan 4 Taiwan Japan CNC Taiwan vigorously, Sadegh mirror spark machine, 2 sets of Swedish hexagon three dimension, strictly control the accuracy within +-0.002MM
2、25 sets of single color injection molding machine +19 two-color injection molding machine, strong
3、Industry leading clean workshop, 315 m long type of 3 spray 3 automatic fuel injection line
The most widely used range
High dustproof, high waterproof, high anti fall
High dust,high water,high-drop
The double color technology is widely used in the following fields because of its excellent performance:
1、Products related to electronics, medical, home, office, automotive and other industries;



Dongguan Shang Bao Industrial Co., Ltd.


technical service

01/Strong technical force

Over the past 12 years, the company is committed to technology research and development, strong R & D strength, to provide customers with the most competitive solutions。

03/Excellent production equipment

The most advanced product line, imported production equipment to ensure product quality。

02/Product variety

Provide hundreds of different types of two-color products to choose from, can be customized to provide one-stop service products solutions。

04/Advanced detection equipment

The company adopts the international advanced product quality testing equipment to ensure product zero defects, for customers to solve worries。